Friday, June 8, 2012

Make One of These

More importantly, learn the art of metal clay.  Kelley Naylor-Wise is a certified instructor in the material. That means she's studied and worked the hell out of it.  She wants you to know that whatever you can imagine can be made out of metal clay.  It's like magic, really; sculpt it in clay, turn it into silver.  Not silver-colored clay. Silver.  I'm hoping she follows up with classes in bronze, copper and steel.  I'll leave it to the 1% to take the gold class.

Anyway, Kelley teaches her next metal clay class at the end of this month, Saturday, June 30th, to be exact. 2 to 5 PM at Gallery 360.  An advance payment of $80 is required by June 20th, so call her at 766-9944 to find out more or reserve your spot.  Or email her at

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