Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Kelley's Case

The current crop of Kelley Wise's jewelry is on display.
Hint: Jewelry makes a perfect last minute gift.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Black Velvet Collages by Amy Edgington

"Pastoral Idyll" and "Time Travel"
Two collages on black velvet paintings

by Amy Edgington  $65 each

"Fragile" by Lynn Frost

A print of a Polaroid photo emulsion transfer 
by Lynn Frost   $75 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Open House Friday and Saturday

Gallery 360 invites you to come by this weekend to help us spread Festivus joy. We have Festivus cookies, Festivus coffee, and a Festivus Pole. Most of all, we have Festivus Art. Highly affordable, collectable, and give-able as gifts. (I understand Kelley will be bringing in a batch of new jewelry.)

We'll be open both days from 10 AM until 7 PM. Come see our art stuff.

Nathan Fellhauer's "Circletoons"

Recognize these guys? They're Rocket Raccoon, Nebula, Ronan the Accuser, and the ever taciturn Groot. The artist, Nathan Fellhauer, is a fan of Guardians of the Galaxy as well as many other movies, animated and not. He recreates the characters as 'Circletoons' and we have about a dozen or so of his signed pen and ink drawings, starting at $60 each. Pretty darn cheap for originals. Not into collecting framed, one-of-a-kind art? We also have prints for $15 each.

Provided they don't all sell in the next few weeks, these will part of "Icebox," our next group show, which opens in January.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Paper Art by Kelley Wise and Joyce Haase

Kelley Naylor Wise brought us 15 of her lovingly handmade art cards this week. They're blank inside and anything but outside. Each is one of a kind and just $6. 

Joyce Haase's woven paper collage boxes are an eyeful, no matter your angle of view. They're strong, too, as every inch is laminated in clear packing tape. Put a gift inside and you'll be giving two presents instead of one. There's several sizes to choose from and need we say? Each is different. $30 each, but $25 each through December 24.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Creations at 360

I put these up on FB but forgot to put them up here. They're pictures of some of the divine leftovers from our "Artists Scrounging" show.

This is our temporarily adopted family of Chris Massingill's upcycled sock monsters. If you want one, act fast, because she's soon to regain custody. They're priced from $45 to $65. Her cards run $5 each and tell the story behind each. Read more about the adventures of Finnigan, Midge, Professor Argyle, et al on her FB page.

Laura Fanning's mixed media piece "Saint Martin" is $150.

This wonderful little creation is by Amy Edgington, one our favorite Little Rock artists. Titled "What the Housemouse Knows," it consists of an altered CD in a metal tin. Printed on the CD is this poem:

"What the Housemouse Knows"
Backsides, insides and undersides of things, secret whiskered passages, the metallic taste of giant fears. This is no place for cowards. There are avalanches of pots and brooms and shoes. Inside walls, wires coil ready to defend themselves, nails point the way to heaven. The dirt and smells and messes of the gods are all the kindness a mouse expects. When we spot her, we scream, stand on chairs and guard our private parts; we set traps, lay poison, and flush tiny, ruptured bodies down the toilet. Rituals performed, we forget how we have eaten crumbs and have papered our nests with stolen scraps, how we have cringed from blows or blessed the lack of them and even called this "love." We do not dare admit our own internal injuries, our precarious survival, in a house where the most we hope for is to not get caught by those who lord it over us.

How much is this enchantment, this small reminder of empathetic humility? A mere $35. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

We Challenge You!

We're up in your face, Mook. You call yourself creative? Well, it's time to put up or shut up, know what we're saying?

Come up with something that can happen at Gallery 360. Art for the wall. A performance. An installation. A workshop, class or demonstration. An event.

We intend for the gallery to be a community center, a maker's space for art and ideas. Bring yours to us. We're ready. Are you?

Call: (501) 663-2222 
Text: (501) 993-0012
Email: Gallery360@outlook.com

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Poets Scrounged

We'd like to thank everyone who came out to hear our gang of Scrounging Poets Friday night. The general consensus was that we need to do it again, and soon. And so we shall. 

Poetry slams have their place, but I prefer a reading to a slam. A gathering of writers should be more like a gymnastics event than a hockey game. It can be hard to listen when you're competing. Friday night was a sharefest. The worders were in top form. Thanks go out to all of them and to our intrepid emcee and host, Kelley Naylor Wise.

I understand the volume of the online stream was pretty low. Sorry about that. We're on the lookout for an inexpensive sound system for these and similar events. We have a mic and stand; if anyone knows where we can pick up a cheap amp and speakers, let us know. Email us at Gallery360@outlook.com.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Enter Poets!

Gallery 360 is now accepting poetry submissions for a night of spoken word called Poets Scrounging.

How to play:
1. Register your Name, Email and Contact Phone Number at gallery360poets@yahoo.com
2. Submit an example of your work in your email.
3. Watch your inbox for the line-up and details.
We will be streaming live!
4. Tell all your friends.
5. COME READ YOUR MASTERPIECES and join the FREE party next Friday, OCTOBER 24 at 7pm.

The deadline for submissions is Oct. 22.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Say You'll Never

'Say You'll Never' 
mixed media by Ming Donk


Many thanks to all who attended the opening of "Artists Scrounging" last Saturday. It was so much fun filling the space, first with art and then with people. We love our artists and our art lovers.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Button Rings

You can be sure our resident jewelry artist, Kelley Naylor Wise, will always find a way to match her abilities to whatever themed show we come up with. So, this time, she has up-cycled antique buttons into Sterling silver rings. I understand she's also converted nuts and bolts into jewelry as well, but she's keeping those under wraps until the opening. Come out Saturday to discover what she's been up to.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


"Offering," a collage by Mo Lashbrook, is one of many offerings presented by 24 local artists at Gallery 360.
The opening reception of "Artists Scrounging"is Saturday from 7 to 10pm.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


This is Cecil. He has two horns and two legs. He has four eyes and four arms. He's on his way to becoming an IRS agent. He was dreamt up by Chris Massingill, up-cycled from socks. He and six brothers and sisters will be part of "Artists Scrounging" at Gallery 360. Come to the opening Saturday night. Adopt Cecil.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Scavenger Art

"Artists Scrounging" will feature recent work by 24 artists who are using found or re-purposed materials in their assemblages, sculptures, mixed media, jewelry and collages. Artists include Laura Fanning, Melissa "Mo" Lashbrook, Michelle Canulla, Nina Sharkey Culpepper, Jay King, Jessica Crenshaw, Amy Edgington, Ming Donkey, Michael Crenshaw, Gerald Brown, Joyce Haase, Fabio Adrian Delgado, Mike Church, Kelley Naylor Wise, Byron Werner, Loogie, Debra Young, Chris Massingill, Ann Filiatreau, Wade Wise, Lynn Frost, Steph Brouwers, Susan Jones, and Jessica Forest.

The opening will be 7 to 10 PM, Saturday, September 20th. Come sip, nibble, see cool stuff and talk to them what made it. The show will run through November 1st.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Scrounging For Art

Gallery 360 will awaken from its summer slumber in September with a showing titled "Artists Scrounging."  To that end, we are looking for artwork made recently using found, recycled and re-purposed materials. That covers a lot of ground and will hopefully spark imaginations.

The dates will be September 20 thru November 1st.  We'll take submissions up to 9/18, but would like to receive them ASAP.  Call or text Jay at (501) 993-0012 or email audiolingo@gmail.com.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Collaborative Turnings

Five collaborations between our resident jeweler, 
Kelley Naylor Wise and wood turner Vernon Oberle.

2 black walnut wings w/ turquoise, coral, lapis, onyx & sterling.
1 bubinga wood, turquoise & opal pendant in sterling.

 2 rose-cut jars w/ lapis, turquoise, malachite & sterling.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hollow Form by Gene Sparling

Gene Sparling is one of nine woodturners whose work
is featured in "The Art & Function of Turned Wood," 
on display at Gallery 360 through May 31st.

Three Pieces by Dick Easter

An urn with Celtic knot is flanked by two finial vessels.

Dick Easter is one of nine woodturners whose work
is featured in "The Art & Function of Turned Wood," 
on display at Gallery 360 through May 31st.

Segmented Vase by Charles Kokes

Charles Kokes is one of nine woodturners whose work
is featured in "The Art & Function of Turned Wood," 
on display at Gallery 360 through May 31st.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

"Art and Function of Turned Wood" Opens Friday

Wood is front and center at Gallery 360 in April and May.  Wood turned on lathes by eight diverse craftsmen from two area woodturning clubs.  Wood of all sorts turned into hollow forms, bowls, platters, and just about anything else eight brains, sixteen hands, a few lathes and some chisels can carve.

Join us Friday evening from 6 til 10 as we open 'Turnings: The Art and Function of Turned Wood,' featuring works by Vernon Oberle, John Wilkins, Ken Glasscock, Charles Kokes, Gene Sperling, Bob Revell, Tim Hogan and Dick Easter. It's 2nd Friday Art Night downtown, so put us on your itinerary.

PS - We have a last minute addition to the roster of woodworkers: Leslie Dykes.   

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Jess Otto at 360

Thanks to everyone who came out last night to hear Jessica Otto's poetry, and special thanks to Jess for the wonderful reading. Our friend S.J. Tucker streamed the event on her USTREAM channel, which is archived for the time being here.   Things get underway at about 21:30.  Jess breaks around 47:30, then returns about 1:18:00.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Poet Jessica Otto at 360, April 5th

It's hard to say just how Jess Otto shapes words into poetry. Undoubtedly, she plays with our senses. Her poems can be touched, smelled and tasted. They are elemental, but far from elementary. Sometimes her images reveal themselves gradually over time and sometimes they streak across the sky like comets.

Jessica will be sharing her poetry with us this Saturday evening from 7 to 8:30. You are invited to hear her and piece together her magic for yourself. It's free and open, so come support spoken word in Little Rock. This is also the last chance to view 'Fascination,' featuring the art of Anna Tanner and Kelley Naylor Wise.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

"The Cooling Earth" by Kelley Naylor Wise

"The Cooling Earth" by Kelley Naylor Wise
acrylic, paper, copper on canvas

This is the last week to see 'Fascination'
featuring works by Anna Tanner and Kelley Naylor Wise.
The final night, Saturday, April 5th,
will be celebrated with "Burning Bright,"
a poetry reading by Jessica Otto.

"Blizzard With a Gun" by Anna Tanner

"Blizzard With a Gun" by Anna Tanner
oil on board

This is the last week to see 'Fascination'
featuring works by Anna Tanner and Kelley Naylor Wise.
The final night, Saturday, April 5th,
will be celebrated with "Burning Bright,"
a poetry reading by Jessica Otto.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

"Water On Glass" by Kelley Naylor Wise

"Water On Glass" by Kelley Naylor Wise
acrylic, paper and copper on board

'Fascination' features works by Kelley Naylor Wise 
and Anna Tanner, through April 5th.

"The Wood's Edge" by Anna Tanner

"The Wood's Edge" by Anna Tanner
oil on board

'Fascination' features works by Kelley Naylor Wise 
and Anna Tanner, through April 5th.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Great Show Last Night

What a pleasure it was to have S.J. Tucker and Heather Dale perform at the gallery last night. Their two voices weave magic, not to mention Ben Deschamps, who played guitar blisteringly.

Thanks go out to their loyal fans, some of whom drove many miles to attend. 

I went to IndyGoGo today and saw Heather's Celtic Avalon project is moving along nicely.  She's trying to get off the ground a multi-artist show that tells the legend of King Arthur, Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table through music. There is to be a DVD, as well as a touring schedule and a program for school outreach.  Heather has five days to raise a little more than $7000. You can help her by sending on as little as $5. Rewards await you and Heather both by going here.

They did this one last night. Chilling.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sooj and Heather Returning To Gallery 360

Last October we were honored to have Heather Dale and S J Tucker come to the gallery and play for a small but very appreciative audience.  Now, we're so pleased to have them back.

Consider joining us, March 15th, for a night of merry mythmaking, as the caravan that is Heather and Sooj and Ben Deschamps on guitar rolls through town.  These are three musicians in tune with the earth. For gosh sakes, they sing and play with pixies and brownies regularly, not to mention their being on a first name basis with all of the Knights of the Round Table. These are just the kind of folks you need to spend the ides of March with.

The music starts at 7 PM on Saturday, March 15th. Since the space is small, only 40 seats will be available. Purchase tickets ($10) in advance here.

S.J.'s web site
Heather's web site

Hear "In the Name of the Dance" by Sooj.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Anna Tanner & Kelley Naylor Wise

Please join us Saturday for the opening of "Fascination," featuring works by Anna Tanner and Kelley Naylor Wise.

Meet the artists and see what they've been creating.

Saturday, February 22nd, 6 to 10 pm.

The show runs through April 5th.

More pics and info here.

by Kelley Naylor Wise

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Fascination Opens February 22nd

Gallery 360 is proud to present new acrylic, oil, drawings and mixed media works by Anna Tanner and Kelley Naylor Wise.  The exhibit will open on Saturday, Feb. 22 and run through April 5th.  Please join us at the opening reception, 6 to 10 pm.  The artists will be in attendance.

 Kelley Naylor Wise

Anna Tanner

Monday, January 27, 2014

What's Coming Up

Five more days before we start taking down our Festivus group show.  If you haven't made it, Saturday will be the last day to see one of our favorite collections yet, with artists Amy Edgington, Laura Fanning, Lynn Frost,  Angela Davis Johnson, Vernon Oberle, Ruth Pasquine, Nina Sharkey Culpepper, Anna Tanner, Ming Triplett, Byron Werner, Nina Willacey, Kelley Naylor Wise, and Debra Young.  There's great prices on much of the art, too, if you're in a buying mood.

The works of two of those artists, Anna Tanner and Kelley Naylor Wise, will be on display from Feb. 22 to April 5th.  They're calling it 'Fascination,' and from what I've seen so far (they've both been busy as bees getting ready) it's an apt title. The opening is Saturday, February 22nd, from 6 pm to whenever.

Central Arkansas wood turners will follow Anna & Kelley in April with a group show tentatively titled "Turnings."  Stay tuned for that.

And, it's good to keep in mind with the weather as cold as it's been, that the days are actually getting longer.  Soon it will be spring and not long after, May Day!  In celebration of Beltane, we will be welcoming Tuatha Dea on May 2nd.  They describe their music as Celtic tribal gypsy rock. I describe it as damn good.  If you attended SJ Tucker and Heather Dale's show here last October, you're bound to like these folks.  Hear them here.  And tickets can be purchased here.  We'll be posting more about this show as it approaches.

Keep those fires burning and support the arts!