Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Creations at 360

I put these up on FB but forgot to put them up here. They're pictures of some of the divine leftovers from our "Artists Scrounging" show.

This is our temporarily adopted family of Chris Massingill's upcycled sock monsters. If you want one, act fast, because she's soon to regain custody. They're priced from $45 to $65. Her cards run $5 each and tell the story behind each. Read more about the adventures of Finnigan, Midge, Professor Argyle, et al on her FB page.

Laura Fanning's mixed media piece "Saint Martin" is $150.

This wonderful little creation is by Amy Edgington, one our favorite Little Rock artists. Titled "What the Housemouse Knows," it consists of an altered CD in a metal tin. Printed on the CD is this poem:

"What the Housemouse Knows"
Backsides, insides and undersides of things, secret whiskered passages, the metallic taste of giant fears. This is no place for cowards. There are avalanches of pots and brooms and shoes. Inside walls, wires coil ready to defend themselves, nails point the way to heaven. The dirt and smells and messes of the gods are all the kindness a mouse expects. When we spot her, we scream, stand on chairs and guard our private parts; we set traps, lay poison, and flush tiny, ruptured bodies down the toilet. Rituals performed, we forget how we have eaten crumbs and have papered our nests with stolen scraps, how we have cringed from blows or blessed the lack of them and even called this "love." We do not dare admit our own internal injuries, our precarious survival, in a house where the most we hope for is to not get caught by those who lord it over us.

How much is this enchantment, this small reminder of empathetic humility? A mere $35. 

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