Monday, January 27, 2014

What's Coming Up

Five more days before we start taking down our Festivus group show.  If you haven't made it, Saturday will be the last day to see one of our favorite collections yet, with artists Amy Edgington, Laura Fanning, Lynn Frost,  Angela Davis Johnson, Vernon Oberle, Ruth Pasquine, Nina Sharkey Culpepper, Anna Tanner, Ming Triplett, Byron Werner, Nina Willacey, Kelley Naylor Wise, and Debra Young.  There's great prices on much of the art, too, if you're in a buying mood.

The works of two of those artists, Anna Tanner and Kelley Naylor Wise, will be on display from Feb. 22 to April 5th.  They're calling it 'Fascination,' and from what I've seen so far (they've both been busy as bees getting ready) it's an apt title. The opening is Saturday, February 22nd, from 6 pm to whenever.

Central Arkansas wood turners will follow Anna & Kelley in April with a group show tentatively titled "Turnings."  Stay tuned for that.

And, it's good to keep in mind with the weather as cold as it's been, that the days are actually getting longer.  Soon it will be spring and not long after, May Day!  In celebration of Beltane, we will be welcoming Tuatha Dea on May 2nd.  They describe their music as Celtic tribal gypsy rock. I describe it as damn good.  If you attended SJ Tucker and Heather Dale's show here last October, you're bound to like these folks.  Hear them here.  And tickets can be purchased here.  We'll be posting more about this show as it approaches.

Keep those fires burning and support the arts!

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