Tuesday, April 8, 2014

"Art and Function of Turned Wood" Opens Friday

Wood is front and center at Gallery 360 in April and May.  Wood turned on lathes by eight diverse craftsmen from two area woodturning clubs.  Wood of all sorts turned into hollow forms, bowls, platters, and just about anything else eight brains, sixteen hands, a few lathes and some chisels can carve.

Join us Friday evening from 6 til 10 as we open 'Turnings: The Art and Function of Turned Wood,' featuring works by Vernon Oberle, John Wilkins, Ken Glasscock, Charles Kokes, Gene Sperling, Bob Revell, Tim Hogan and Dick Easter. It's 2nd Friday Art Night downtown, so put us on your itinerary.

PS - We have a last minute addition to the roster of woodworkers: Leslie Dykes.   

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