Sunday, March 16, 2014

Great Show Last Night

What a pleasure it was to have S.J. Tucker and Heather Dale perform at the gallery last night. Their two voices weave magic, not to mention Ben Deschamps, who played guitar blisteringly.

Thanks go out to their loyal fans, some of whom drove many miles to attend. 

I went to IndyGoGo today and saw Heather's Celtic Avalon project is moving along nicely.  She's trying to get off the ground a multi-artist show that tells the legend of King Arthur, Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table through music. There is to be a DVD, as well as a touring schedule and a program for school outreach.  Heather has five days to raise a little more than $7000. You can help her by sending on as little as $5. Rewards await you and Heather both by going here.

They did this one last night. Chilling.

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  1. Heather's crowdsource campaign made its goal and then some. Way to go, crowd.