Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sooj and Heather Returning To Gallery 360

Last October we were honored to have Heather Dale and S J Tucker come to the gallery and play for a small but very appreciative audience.  Now, we're so pleased to have them back.

Consider joining us, March 15th, for a night of merry mythmaking, as the caravan that is Heather and Sooj and Ben Deschamps on guitar rolls through town.  These are three musicians in tune with the earth. For gosh sakes, they sing and play with pixies and brownies regularly, not to mention their being on a first name basis with all of the Knights of the Round Table. These are just the kind of folks you need to spend the ides of March with.

The music starts at 7 PM on Saturday, March 15th. Since the space is small, only 40 seats will be available. Purchase tickets ($10) in advance here.

S.J.'s web site
Heather's web site

Hear "In the Name of the Dance" by Sooj.

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