Thursday, September 4, 2014

Scavenger Art

"Artists Scrounging" will feature recent work by 24 artists who are using found or re-purposed materials in their assemblages, sculptures, mixed media, jewelry and collages. Artists include Laura Fanning, Melissa "Mo" Lashbrook, Michelle Canulla, Nina Sharkey Culpepper, Jay King, Jessica Crenshaw, Amy Edgington, Ming Donkey, Michael Crenshaw, Gerald Brown, Joyce Haase, Fabio Adrian Delgado, Mike Church, Kelley Naylor Wise, Byron Werner, Loogie, Debra Young, Chris Massingill, Ann Filiatreau, Wade Wise, Lynn Frost, Steph Brouwers, Susan Jones, and Jessica Forest.

The opening will be 7 to 10 PM, Saturday, September 20th. Come sip, nibble, see cool stuff and talk to them what made it. The show will run through November 1st.

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