Monday, February 18, 2013

Closing Reception for Bunker Dogs

There will be live music at the closer for the Bunker Dogs, Saturday Feb. 27th, 7pm to midnight.  On the list are Guy Morgan & the FT Crew (Cape Girardeau, MO), Pecan Sandy (Russellville, AR), Rad Rad Riot (Little Rock, AR), and Better Days (St. Louis, MO).  

Come by, hear some sounds, and take a gander at art by Matthew Castellano, X3MEX, and Everett Gee.   In fact, consider buying something to support these guys.  If you can't afford the original work, there are small silkscreened prints from $10 to $15 and silkscreened patches from $2 to $5.  Everett has copies of his and Steve Oriolo's punk show flier book, Gutter Butter, for only $5 and - get this - a set of 5 mini-comix for a mere $2.  Now tell me you can't afford to buy art.

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  1. Hope everyone had a good time, coz' I sure did. Thanks to all of the bands. You all kicked ass.