Saturday, June 1, 2013

Call For Entries

Seven is a special number.  So, for our seventh gallery show we want to do something different.  We want all the anarchist artists out there to take over our walls.  

In particular, we're wanting:
1. Art made from found or discarded materials;
2. RePurposed art;
3. Street art brought inside;
4. Art made by iconoclasts, weirdos and non-artists. 

This will be an upside-down and inside-out series of events.  

First, we will ask you to take a look around your house and find some stuff you don't mind getting rid of.  Stuff that might be fashioned by a clever, bold or slightly skewed individual into something approximating 'art.'  Throw it all into a box.  If that box fills up, fill another.  Bring the boxes to the gallery.

Secondly, imagine you are that clever, bold, or slightly skewed individual.  Make plans to drop by the gallery on Saturdays and Sundays in June and July to help us create new stuff from the old stuff.  If you're somebody who has already played this game, teach somebody else.  Invite your kids, relatives and friends to join you. 

As something approximating 'art' is made, we'll hang it on the wall and offer it for sale.  The gallery takes a cut, the artist (you!) takes the bulk.

Instead of an opening, we celebrate in August with a closing.  Prices are reduced and fun is had by all.

E-mail me (audiolingo-at-gmaildotcom) or call/text me (nine-nine-three-0012) with your ideas.  Bring stuff by the gallery during regular business hours.  And stay tuned for workshop hours and a list of suggested 'stuff.'

"Hey, Rocky! Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat."

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