Monday, April 11, 2016

Shrunken: Small Works opens Tuesday, 4/12

We had no idea our call for small works would generate so much interest, but we're grateful it has. 42 artists have contributed over 150 pieces. It's been a challenge hanging so many disparate things and the arrangement may seem a bit on the haphazard side, but I'm pleased with how it looks. Come on down and see what's up. Here's the final list of artists:

Jason Blanchard, Claire Cade, Ike Garlington, Laura Fanning, Rachel Dziga, Anthony Lopez, Becky Botos, Dan Huff, Richard Davies, Everett Gee, Ginny Bingham LeVar, X3MEX, Roland Burnham, Robot Blood, Erica Vanhaute, Larissa Gudino, Brian Madden, Matthew Bivens, Tea Jackson, Rayna Mackey, Allison Traylor, Lilia Hernandez, Michael Church, Vin Griffin, Lynn Frost, Amy Edgington, Jack Sims, Jan Sutton, Diane Blevins, Wendy Newsam, Donna Hoffman, Darcie Harvell, Gillian Stewart, Cassandra A., Shane Baskin, Jan Sutton, Phillip Rex Huddleston, Jennifer Perren, LONER, Jay King, and Matthew Castellano.

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